Chula Vista Gas Line Service

If you think you have a gas leak, it is very important to call a professional. Gas leaks are dangerous because gas is highly combustible, and at high enough concentrations, gas can kill you. Gas pipe repair and services should be done by a professional: call ARS – Neighborhood Rooter & Plumber for Chula Vista gas line service: we do installations, repair, and repiping.

Do You have a Gas Leak?

Natural gas can be used in many locations: furnace, water heater, stove and oven, clothes dryer, and other household appliances. How do you know if you have a gas leak? The easiest way to detect a gas leak is with your nose. If you detect a rotten egg smell, then you may have a gas leak. Natural gas is odorless but companies deliberately add an unpleasant odor to the gas so that it can be detected during a gas leak.

Outdoor gas leaks from underground pipes can be detected by looking at your plants. If your plants have turned yellow and sickly, it could indicate a nearby gas leak. Another sign of a gas leak is if you hear a hissing sound or your plants waving as if there was a strong breeze. If the ground is moist, a gas leak can be seen as bubbles coming up from the soil.

What to do if you have a Gas Leak

If you think you have a gas leak, you should do these following things:

  • Turning off all gas stove burners and avoid turning light switches on and off. Don’t light a match or do anything that might cause a spark.
  • Open windows and doors to get fresh airflow.
  • If you think there could be an explosion, leave the house and call 911.
  • Contact a professional plumber for evaluation and services.

Contact us for Chula Vista gas line service: we do evaluations, repairs, repiping, and new installations: (619) 513-6149.

Chula Vista gas line service

Emergency Plumbing and Gas Line Service in Chula Vista, CA

At ARS – Neighborhood Rooter & Plumber, we understand the urgency of a plumbing or gas line emergency, which is why we’re ready to dispatch our pros 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help with water mains, water heaters, gas lines, clogged drains, and a wide array of other problems. We also have the advanced tools to find the problem quickly and develop a solution that gets everything under control as quickly as possible.


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